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We are super excited to announce our first virtual race, Routes for Roots. A trail running event for runners of all ability to raise money to help support Roots to Harvest. 

Roots to Harvest is a local not-for-profit organization who have stepped up in a major way during the pandemic, by shifting their focus to provide essential food distribution to those in need.  Through food, they connect people and promote belonging and dignity through various programs, initiatives and advocacy.  

COVID-19 has greatly impacted their ability to run a number of fundraising events, so we've decided to support them by hosting a virtual race where 100% of the proceeds from the registration will support their ongoing efforts. 

If you would like to be a part of the fundraiser, registration for Routes for Roots is $25 (plus booking site admin fee). 100% of proceeds will go to Roots to Harvest. Entrants will receive a fun route to run, a virtual bib, commemorative sticker and the warm feeling of knowing they helped those less fortunate than themselves, in our local community. We will also have a commemorative race T-Shirt available to order for an additional $25. You can wear it with pride knowing you've supported Roots to Harvest by running with UpRiver Running.




















How does Routes for Roots work? 

We have mapped a race route on Strava. The course is between 6 and 7 kilometres. Participants have 9 days to run the route. They can run it more than once if they choose and then they will submit their best time. The route is intentionally easy to follow on a course that allows for appropriate social distancing, should you encounter another runner. It’s not the technical single track you’re used to from UpRiver but we haven’t made it easy ;)

Participants will record their lap of the route using Strava on a gps watch or smartphone and submit their fastest lap. We will tabulate the entries in real time to the best of our ability. Keeping a virtual leaderboard for the 9 days the race is open. At the conclusion of the 9 day race period, we will crown the winners and give away daily prizes for participation.

If one lap isn’t enough, do the double. The same course, run twice, back to back, washing machine style. One lap counter clockwise and then one lap clockwise. 

We are super excited at the potential of this event to motivate and inspire in real time. At UpRiver we are about building community and supporting a great local not-for-profit like Roots to Harvest is a great way to do that. 

If you would like and are able to donate beyond the $25 registration fee, Roots to Harvest will do great work with your money, in our local community. 

**Do you live outside of Thunder Bay, but still want to be involved?  Scroll to the bottom of this page!

Course Description


You will start at the main doors of the Chalet and head down to the small bridge and down the Centennial Cabins Trail that follows the river on your right. Stay on this trail and head for the highway bridge. Once you run under the bridge, keep going straight and follow the yellow trail that runs alongside the river. After about 2.22Km/1.38miles, you'll take a left up the blue trail (we call this Mother Hill). Follow this trail for about 2.6Km/1.6miles until it opens up to where the bench is (on your right).  At this point, you will have covered about 4.67km/2.9miles.  Don't turn left on the red trail and don't turn right to the blue trail.  Keep moving forward and head down the trail which leads you to Hydro Hill. Run down hydro hill, and hang a right to go under the highway bridge.   Stay on that same trail that you ran up. Follow this all the way back.  Run over the small wooden bridge and hang a right to finish at the main doors of the Chalet.

If you've signed up for the 1 loop, congratulations, you're done!  If you've signed up for 2 loops, follow the same loop in reverse (clockwise).  This means that you'll be heading back out the same way, but once you go under the highway bridge, you'll need to take a left to go up the Hydro hill. Stop your watch once you're back at the main starting point by the main doors of the Chalet.


Now just submit your time by emailing us your Strava run activity with your elapsed time and you’re finished. Follow along daily and we’ll do the rest. 

The event will run from Saturday, July 11th until Sunday, July 19th.  Challenge yourself to better your time by submitting your fastest time in that time frame.  Results must be submitted by emailing your recorded Strava link* to and the "elapsed time" will be referenced. Final results must be submitted by 10pm on Sunday, July 19th.

Strava course links 

Trailforks labeled Routes (2 loops option):

*If you don't have access to a GPS watch or a smartphone, please contact us: 

**For those of you who chose the 'Out of Towners' option:

We have decided to open up a separate category for Routes for Roots to anyone wishing to support Roots to Harvest by taking part in the virtual race.  

So, to our friends beyond our city, here are the few simple rules:

1) Choose an 8Km trail course to run on.

2) Submit your fastest time during the same race period, July 11th - 19th by emailing us your run Strava​ link to:

3) Stay tuned for a chance to win prizes: (We will crown a winner of the overall fastest 8Km runner, and have a draw prize, to be drawn from for anyone who participated in the 8km run).


The same $25 registration fee will apply with an optional $25 for a commemorative Routes for Roots t-shirt.  All proceeds from the registration will go directly to support the ongoing efforts of Roots to Harvest.

Routes4Roots_Sticker-for Webiste use onl
RFR T-Shirt size chart.png

(for T-shirt size reference, Nick is 5'8", 155lbs and wears a Medium. The shirt is a comfortable fit, not snug, not too big)

(sticker image)

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