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Trail Sisters Approved Races

As we continue our efforts in creating welcoming experiences for all participants, we’re excited that Hoot 5 will be our first Trail Sisters approved Race in 2024.  


Trail Sisters is a program aimed at supporting, enhancing, and equalizing women’s experience in trail racing. 


The goal is to help increase women’s participation in trail (and ultra) events as well as provide awareness of the needs, expectations, and support, female runners’ desire. In short, we are commiting to provide women the race day experience they deserve.


What we’re doing:

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Postpartum & Pregnancy Deferral Policy


To provide a race entry deferral to anyone who is pregnant, becomes pregnant or adopts a child prior to the race 


Who is eligible for the policy?

  • Registrants that are pregnant

  • Registrants with a partner that is pregnant

  • Registrants that are adopting or birthing via surrogacy


What does a pregnancy or postpartum deferral provide: 

A participant who obtains a pregnancy or postpartum deferral will have their original registration removed and will be provided a promo code that can be applied towards one future Upriver Running Inc. event within the following two years of the original registered race date. 


If the value of the deferred race entry is greater than the new selected race entry fee, no balance refunds will be applied.


If a participant becomes pregnant again during a pregnancy or postpartum deferral period, they may request a second consecutive pregnancy or postpartum deferral.


The partner of the individual who is pregnant, with a due date less than 3 months before, and up to 3 months after the race date, is eligible to access the race entry deferral.


The same deferral policy applies also to parents who are adopting or birthing via surrogacy.


All requests will be kept confidential and must be emailed to: 

Antonio Stefanile,


PLEASE NOTE: The Race Director may require additional information upon request.

Addition of Non-Binary Division

Starting 2024, all Upriver Running races with a solo division/category will include a non-binary gender option.

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