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Pre-Race Communications:

Thank you for joining us at this year's High Noon 24Hr Trail Race & Relay, starting at 9am on Saturday, June 22nd and at 1pm for the youth category.  Please read the important details below:


Race Kit Pickup:

Race Kit Pickup times will be on Thursday, June 20th, from 1pm-5pm at Marostica Subaru (502 16th Ave).

If you are travelling in from out of town, please make sure you arrive early on Saturday morning to pick up your race kit. You should be signed in and have your campsite secured by 8:30am on Saturday.  We'll also have our merch available for sale at Race Kit Pickup, where we can accept cash, credit and debit.

Cupless race:

As listed on our website and registration confirmation email, this will be a cupless race.  Please bring your own cup / water bottle / hydration vest..whatever it takes to get your fluids in!  We'll provide the drinks, you just need your vessel :)  We also have some UpRiver Speed Cups (reusable BPA-free silicone cups) for sale at Fresh Air. We will also have these available for sale at kit-pick up and on race day. 


The course will be the exact same as everyone else. You will follow the marked 3.38km loop and cover as many laps as they wish during the 4 hours (1pm - 5pm). Some youth will be attending earlier with their family who may be running the 24hr solo or relay events. If you are planning to setup your own separate tent, please contact us. Tent space may be limited, but we can help find you your own space.  If you are getting dropped off, please remember there is no parking in the lower stadium parking lot. You will need to either get dropped off with your gear, while your driver parks in the upper parking lot, and follows the signs to walk down to the lower stadium, OR, you will just park at the top with your driver and both walk down to the lower stadium area. This may add an additional 15-20 minutes, so please arrive there early. You should be signed in by 12:30pm, in the lower stadium.  You can access the drinks and snacks at the aid station, along with one of the large tents if you're taking a break.

Campsite Setup:

Everyone will be able to drop off and set up their campsites on Friday, June 21st from 2pm-6pm & Saturday (Race Day), June 22th, from 7am-8:30am.  Although tent sites will be available on a first come-first serve basis, we will do our best to highlight your allotted sites. All solo runners will be able to setup their tents closest to the exchange area.  Last year we saw quite a few relay teams set up 2 tents: One for resting and a bug tent for hanging out/storing gear. Each campsite is allowed to have their own small propane camp stove.


IMPORTANT: If you're setting up Saturday morning, please note you'll have to drop off a team member / gear at the lower stadium parking lot, then drive up to the upper parking lot and take the trail down (we'll have directional signs for you to follow). We will have the gator there with a small trailer that will run periodically back and forth from the lower parking lot to the lower stadium, where tents will be setup. Although we'll be busy setting up, we'll do our best to help you shuttle your gear to the open field when possible. If you are planning to walk things down to the field, we recommend you use some kind of wagon to carry your items down.


We are hiring security to monitor the premises the night before Race day, so if you want to set up your tent and gear on the field, please know that security will be patrolling the area.  


Exchange area/course access area: 

To increase safety and timing accuracy, we will have ALL RUNNERS start from a designated area. This means that if you're planning on taking a break after completing a lap, regardless of where your tent is, you must start from the designated area. We will have chip timing record the completion and start of each lap, so if you don't start from the designated area, you may risk not having your lap count.


Chip Timing / Medals/Awards:

We will have live results displayed for runners and spectators. The live results link will be shared with you prior to the race.  We're also having a screen visible to runners as they approach the finish shoot, so they can see their lap count as they come through.

The 4hr Youth Solos (1pm-5pm) will receive a finisher medal.

The Relay medals will be awarded to the top finisher teams who have completed the most laps in each category (male/female/mixed for the 4 & 8 person teams). 

Solo runners will be awarded medals, based on their distance covered. The benchmarks are: 13 laps = Marathon medal, 15 laps = 50Km medal, 24 laps = 50 miles medal, 30 laps = 100Km medal, 48 laps = 160Km/100 mile belt buckle.  We will also have an overall top male and top female runner, which will be awarded to the solo runners who have completed the most number of laps in the allotted time.

We're excited to have Hearbeat Hot Sauce Co. as a new partner for this year's race providing our SPICY AWARDS!  This year's best dressed relay teams will have a chance to win 1 of 2 Spiciest Team Awards.

In addition to the best dressed awards, this year's top overall runner to complete the most number of laps will receive the Spiciest Ultra Runner Award!


Should we have ties in total distance covered during the event, the first tie-breaker will be based on who completes the final lap, first. Should that be a tie, it will be based on who started the last lap, first. Should that be a tie, also, we'll base it on who started the lap before that, first, and so on until we have a winning team or solo runner.   


Weather Policy:

The event will be held rain or shine, and no refunds will be issued.  Should there be lightning, we will suspend the race for however many minutes/hours it may take before it is safe to resume.  During this time, people on the course will finish their lap, but no one else will be allowed to start a new one.  The event will remain 24hours, so we will not be adding time to the clock at the end, should there be a disruption.

There will be large tents available for emergency shelter during this time, for anyone who may not have enough room in their tents.  


Insect Control:

We have hired a company to spray the field on Thursday to minimize the mosquitos. This company uses an all-natural treatment plan that keeps bugs away for up to three weeks at a time. By race day morning, you shouldn't be able to detect any odours, but if you're out there on Friday, you will likely notice a garlic odour. Although we're doing our best to provide some relief / control with various methods, please come prepared.  



As you may know, ticks are present in our region. There is a chance of getting ticks at Kamview, but if you're aware of how to check and remove them, it can make the race experience a more enjoyable one. The Thunder Bay District Health Unit has information on their website, including how to remove them.  Please visit THIS LINK to learn more.  You may want to assign a crew/team member to help with tick inspections throughout the race.


Fire Pit: 

Unless a fire restriction is imposed, we are planning to have an evening bonfire.. and yes, feel free to S'more it up!


Shelter/Pre-ordered food pick-up/UpRiver merch:

We will have several tents on site that should provide enough coverage for those not on the course, in case of rain. We will have your pre-ordered food available in one of the tents, which will be marked. Pre-ordered meals will be available at 12pm (lunch) and 5pm (dinner).  You will also be able to purchase snacks and upriver merch. The merch will also be available at Kit-pickup.. We'll also have some tables out near the main tents, but we encourage everyone to bring a camping chair.  



This year, you can pre-order a lunch and/or dinner on our website, under the "ORDER MEAL" button or through THIS LINK. The meals will be available for pickup at the race. 

12pm Lunch Option ($18.65 including HST): High Noon Power Bowl by Rebel Salad (vegan or chicken option)

Vegan option: Rice, beans, tofu, cabbage, carrots, sprouts, sunflower seeds, corn chips and tahini dressing

Chicken option: Rice, chicken, beans, cabbage, carrots, sprouts, corn chips and tahini dressing


5pm Dinner Option ($16.67 including HST): Chipotle Unwrap by Growing Season (tofu or chicken option)

Tofu option: Delicious warm naan heaping with heritage greens, sprouted lentils, tofu, roasted red peppers and sesame snaps topped with our delicious pesto dressing.

Chicken option: Delicious warm naan heaping with heritage greens, sprouted lentils, roasted chicken, roasted red peppers and sesame snaps topped with our famous chipotle dressing.


We can only accept 40 meal orders for lunch and 40 for dinner. We will email you with a payment request on or before Saturday, June 15th to process the order.  Once we have reached capacity, this form will no longer be accessible, so place your orders soon!  


Questions? Contact:  


Complimentary Pancake Breakfast: 

We will have delicious Vegan Blueberry Banana pancakes available on Sunday morning, and hope to start serving them by about 8:30am, prior to the awards ceremony. We'll communicate the serving time on Race Day.


Course & Lighting:

Approximately half the course will be lit. At night time, every runner on the trail MUST have a headlamp. When the sun goes down, runners will not be able to start the course without a headlamp/some kind of light source. Please come prepared.  

The course can be viewed on STRAVA and or TRAILFORKS.  You DO NOT need to memorize the course. It will be very easy to navigate with plenty of flags to ensure you don't get lost. Please keep in mind that the gps accuracy / data recordings may vary from one unit to the next. This course has been measured with a measuring wheel, so it will be 3.38km. 



We will have portable washrooms near the tents, as well as a central hand washing station. Kamview also has 2 additional out-houses close to the sign-in area and 2 on the course.


Aid Station Food/Beverages:

We'll be serving the regular Aid Station food that you may have come to know and love for the duration of the race: bananas, oranges, pretzels, chips, gummies, PB & J wraps, vegetable ramen noodles (for night) and other items. In addition to that, we'll also have caffeinated and non-caffeinated Spring Energy gels and non-caffeinated Tailwind Nutrition along with Water & Coffee.


We're welcoming back The Hub Roastery at this year's race :) They are committed to supporting ethically sourced and produced coffee. They roast small-batch coffee in-house using beans exclusively from sustainable Central American coffee co-ops. Not only will their coffee be available at our Aid Station to keep runners energized throughout the event, the Hub Roastery will also have a vendor tent in the High Noon Village.


Late night Pizza Party (thanks BOSTON PIZZA :)

We're pumped to have Boston Pizza as the provider for our late night pizza for all runners!  Be sure to take a slice to keep you fuelled well into the night. Ain't no party like a pizza party!  Pizza will be available at about 10pm.

Massage Services:

We're excited to have Bill Jerome, RMT back at High Noon. Bill has worked at competitions and training camps in Canada, the USA, and Europe with International and Olympic Athletes. Bill will be available in the High Noon Village to provide massages to runners. So when those niggles pop up, you need Bill to knead you!


We'll have music going throughout the duration of the event.  We will also have some fun lawn games.


If you have read the above information and still have more questions, please contact:

Thank you and see you soon!

Antonio Stefanile

Race Director


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