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VIMFF World Tour 2023/24 Program

Presented by Arc’teryx Hosted by Upriver Running

1. The Nine Wheels (Run Time-21:39)

Director: Santiago Burin Des Roziers

Cast: The Schneeberger Family

The film tells the story of the Schneeberger family a.k.a. The 9 Wheels. Mountain bike stars of the future, Emric (10) and Raoul (13) are home-schooled by their parents Toni and Laetitia. They live in their motorhome going from bike park to bike park across Europe, a decision prompted by the discovery of a neurodegenerative disease in Laetitia. This film explores what it is like to live with a disability, brotherly love, the devotion of parents and ultimately, what it is  like to live life one day a time.


2. Walking On Clouds (Run Time-6:43)

Director: Renan Kamizi

Cast: Rafael Bridi

This short film shows the highline crossing between two air balloons performed in the city of Praia Grande, Santa Catarina, Brazil  by athlete Rafael Bridi. This crossing achieved the highest highline record at the time.


3. The Seven Summits Of My Neighborhood (Run Time-18:35)

Director: Brendan Leonard

Cast: Brendan Leonard

Brendan Leonard explores the seven highest mountains he can see from his neighborhood, as well as ideas about adventure.


4. Malik (Run Time-11:12)

Director: Max Lowe & Chris Murphy

Cast: Malik Martin & Conrad Anker

In the most unlikely of friendships we often find the most meaning. Such is the case in the relationship of Malik Martin and Conrad Anker who met at an event at Memphis Rox in 2019. Through their friendship, these two men from different worlds found a shared understanding of life lived pursuing a driving edge, and loss in that pursuit.


5. Write Your Line (Run Time-3:00)

Director: Marc Augey & Andy Collet

Cast: Ben Buratti

As a kid, ben dreams of reaching the level of his favorite athletes, who have become legends today. During his ski descent, he finds himself sharing his ride with the greatest. This descent will go viral on the internet, provoking the craze of future generations, all curious to see such a sharing.


6. Solo (Run Time-34:34)

Director: Ellie Green

Cast: Jenny Tough, John Summerton & Emily Chappell

Solo is the account of one woman’s mission to run solo and unsupported across mountain ranges on six continents-overcoming obstacles conquering fears and finding the joy in achieving her goals absolutely alone.


7. Private Freefall (Run Time-10:37)

Director: Roberto Colombo

Cast: Andy Court

After two long days of climbing deep in the western cape mountains of South Africa, Andrew Court, along with Teodor Live and Charlie Standing, top out of the 550m Slanghoek amphitheater. When it instantly dawns on him, that he has found the perfect location for his long lived dream of building a mega freefall. Private Freefall is the journey of discovery and creation of a dream amongst a rag tag team of friends assembled by Andy. After multiple recce’s and two days of rigging, all that is left is to jump…

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