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The Power of Community…or more specifically in this case a trail "Bro”

May 3, 2018

By Nick Whitbread

The word “Bro” can have a negative context depending on how its used. We like to think it’s a positive description, one that someone should be proud to wear. We will give your our definition.

Trail Bro


1. A Male or Female friend who runs in the trails

2. A Male or Female friend who holds you accountable when it comes to getting your training done, while at the same time making it fun by running the trails with you

3. A Male or Female friend who voluntarily listens to you talk about how you have been sick and haven't been training and how your just going to run this race for “fun”, right before you run a personal best

4. A Male or Female friend who believes in you and your ability even when you don't 

5. A Male or Female friend who suffers with you on long runs

6. A Male or Female friend who inspires you with their commitment and performance to set higher goals for yourself

7. A Male or Female friend who when crewing you in a race has the confidence to tell you “you’re being a pu$$y” when you get into an unproductive headspace ( Thanks Kelly :) )

8. A Male or Female friend who will happily crew or pace you when they could be racing

9. A Male or Female friend who genuinely cares for your wellbeing both on and off the trails

10. A Male or Female friend who is willingly your therapist on runs

11. A Male or Female friend who celebrates your running victories and is there for you when you come up short of your goal

12. A Male or Female friend who tells you its a good idea to sign up for a long race you’re not sure about without knowing anything about said race

13. A Male or Female who will indulge in food or alcohol with you even though it’s not at all part of your plan

14. A Male of Female who will fly or drive from one side of the continent to the other to crew or pace you

15. A Male or Female who even after you bail from running plans repeatedly still continues to call or text to see if you want to go

16. A Male of Female friend without who this running thing would be a whole lot harder and less fun

The Point we're making is that whatever you like to call them having someone who has your back when it comes to running is a gift. We all struggle from time to time and it’s great having someone who knows you, and knows how to get you going again. At the same time when you reach your personal running goals it’s usually not a solitary effort and it's nice to celebrate with friends. They might be a relative, a friend, an almost stranger (there’s a story there) or even a hound. Remember to take the time to let you're trail "Bro" know that you appreciate them.

If you are in need of a trail "Bro" maybe we can help you find one at our events :)

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